BitRod font family

This is a very simple font family I created. It’s an 8-point pixel font. The x-height is 5 pixels, most lowercase letters are 5 pixels wide, the line weight is 1 pixel, and the cap height is 7 pixels. This is sort of the “sweet spot” where it’s easy to make most letters look really good. If you go any smaller, you have to start getting creative because it’s simply not possible to render the standard shape of the letter in so few pixels.

I’m sure there’s a ton of other fonts out there that are really similar to this (EDIT: Such as the much more fully-featured and professional¬†Fairfax), but I couldn’t find one, and I thought it would be a fun project to make my own font.

I’ve used BitRod Regular for all of my games except Fantasy RPG #58.

The Mono version of the font is mostly the same letter shapes, just with more spacing. A handful of characters were modified, notably punctuation.

For the Condensed version of this font, I made each letter as skinny as possible without distorting the shape. Most lowercase letters are 4 pixels wide, but some are even thinner. This is useful if you are pressed for horizontal space.

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