La-Mulana (2006) Text Bug Workaround

If you run La-Mulana (2006) on Windows Vista or newer, it does not render text on the MSX console window. This renders the game basically unplayable, as tablets become blank, and you cannot read the vital hints they provide.

You can work around the bug by editing the font.bmp image. The fixed image is provided herein.

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The Labyrinth of Keys

I am pleased to release my newest game, The Labyrinth of Keys, originally started for Ludum Dare 28.

It is an exploration-action-puzzle-platformer inspired by La-Mulana.

I did the game design and programming. My friend ZeroTron did the level design. My friend Khananaphone did the music.

The Windows version has better performance, more graphical options, and the ability to rebind the controls. However, since this game isn’t nearly as intense as Omnidirectional Chaos, the Flash version is perfectly playable.

UPDATE (Feb 5, 2014):

I updated the game to version 1.1, featuring screen transitions, a few room changes, and an important bug fix.

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BitRod font family

This is a very simple font family I created. It’s an 8-point pixel font. The x-height is 5 pixels, most lowercase letters are 5 pixels wide, the line weight is 1 pixel, and the cap height is 7 pixels. This is sort of the “sweet spot” where it’s easy to make most letters look really good. If you go any smaller, you have to start getting creative because it’s simply not possible to render the standard shape of the letter in so few pixels.

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Quantum Tunnel (VVVVVV Level)

This is the second of two levels I made for VVVVVV, one of my all-time favorite games, created by Terry Cavanagh.

The idea behind this level is that it is two screens tall, allowing me to explore concepts that are only possible in such a level. I went into this with the intention of basing the whole level around this concept, so that it could stand alone as a polished level rather than a loose collection of ideas. It’s only 40 screens in size, but it was not possible to make the level any larger due to technical limitations.

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Soul Searching (VVVVVV Level)

This is one of the two levels I made for VVVVVV, one of my all-time favorite games, created by Terry Cavanagh.

This level is a little bit unfocused, as it was just me throwing in the kitchen sink of every idea I had for a VVVVVV level. Parts of it are somewhat difficult (although I tried to keep the difficulty to a reasonable level), and other parts essentially clear themselves. It’s 50 screens in size, making the level decently long.

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Arbitrarium is the codename for a puzzle game I’ve been working on. It is heavily inspired by Tetris Attack, but instead of a match-three mechanic, it uses a fusion mechanic and a match-opposites mechanic. It’s the first project I ever started in Haxe (and the first project since I started taking game development seriously as a hobby), and it is yet unfinished.

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