La-Mulana (2006) Text Bug Workaround

If you run La-Mulana (2006) on Windows Vista or newer, it does not render text on the MSX console window. This renders the game basically unplayable, as tablets become blank, and you cannot read the vital hints they provide.

You can work around the bug by editing the font.bmp image. The fixed image is provided herein.

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BitRod font family

This is a very simple font family I created. It’s an 8-point pixel font. The x-height is 5 pixels, most lowercase letters are 5 pixels wide, the line weight is 1 pixel, and the cap height is 7 pixels. This is sort of the “sweet spot” where it’s easy to make most letters look really good. If you go any smaller, you have to start getting creative because it’s simply not possible to render the standard shape of the letter in so few pixels.

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