Fantasy RPG #58

FRPG58 Story FRPG58 Battle FRPG58 Dungeon

This is the game I created for Ludum Dare 26.

It is a minimalistic console-style RPG.  I have boiled the Console RPG genre down to its core elements.


  • Move – Arrow Keys
  • Confirm – X
  • Open Menu – C
  • Attack with first party member – X
  • Attack with second party member – C
  • Attack with third party member – V


This was my first game jam.

The game was made with HaxeFlixel.

I made the sound effects with bfxr.

The font used for most of the text is Press Start. The other text on the title screen was written by hand in an image editor.

This game is when I learned what Ludum Dare was like. I spent nearly every waking hour working on the game. The majority of that was engine code. I wrote a scripting language to encode cutscenes, treasure chests, and random battles, being very careful to hardcode as little as possible. Toward the end, due to time pressure, I started hardcoding more and more. This was my second major Haxe project, and I was still getting used to the language and the libraries I was using. The code is very messy, and I am not proud of its quality, but it works, and it was sufficient to the task.

This game more or less meets what I envisioned when I started working on it; I had a simple, clear, achievable goal, and I achieved it. If I’d had a little more time, I might have added a few more bells and whistles, but the concept is intact. I don’t have anything I want to add to the game; anything I added would either add filler to the game, or go against the concept of the game.

I was a little surprised by how time-consuming it was to make this game at the time, but in retrospect, it lines up with my experience. I usually spend most of my time working on engine code and comparatively less time working on the game itself.

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